I have a plan. Oh, and a dream.

I have a plan.

I’m not sure it will work, but you’re happy to watch me try.

For the sake of absolute accuracy: This is even more an experiment than a plan.

I am ready to write my first e-book in English. It’s gonna be a fantasy novel. It’s gonna be full of dragons and monsters. Blood and danger. Love and mysteries.

I am finally ready to start this journey.

Are you coming?

Well, gosh, if we’re going to travel together, I feel like an introduction is in order.

Hello! I am A. J. Lundetræ. I’m a writer.

It feels brave saying it out loud.

So, who are you?

Talk to you soon!



4 thoughts on “I have a plan. Oh, and a dream.

  1. Let me be invited… I follow you everywhere and may add some pictures if I might. For my fantasy is on a journey almost every second of my life. And considering the times we travelled together I’m excited and ready to start – passing the stones, spreading our wings and just feel the air lifting…
    Where does this melodeous tune come from
    And can you see that light


  2. Oh, yes, please! I would LOVE your pictures here!
    This is a wordpress blog, you should get one too. Let’s spread our wings and fly, let’s see the places over the rainbow and drift in the fields of gold…
    Let me know when you have founded your pages, I will definetely follow you!


  3. Good luck!!! I wish you all the best!!! You write amazing stories, I can’t wait to read this one! ❤ Oh, and I should defintetly also follow both of you – and do some travelling on my one! 😀


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