Day two

It is now day two of following my big plan of becoming a writer.

Do you want to know why I want to be a writer and how I got into writing in the first place? It’s all there – in my updated “about me” page!

I also got an official Facebook page today, and worked hours getting the header right. I’m still not sure that I’m pleased with it, but it’ll have to work for now.

Thanks to all the amazing tips I got from my friend (soon to be Dr.) Jodi Nelson, I have also worked on my 12-month business plan today, which I am quite proud of. If you are also working in a creative field of work, she is definetely the right person to consult you in how to write your business plan and on how to use social media as a part of your PR and “getting noticed”, as she soon has a PhD and this was her dissertation topic. It is so awesome that research is being done on how to publish / promote yourself in creative professions. I can’t wait till her book on the subject is published. I will definiteIy read it and I will definitely let you know when her book is out.

Time to get back working on the universe I am building for my new fantasy series. I just love that feeling – being the one who gets to create everything.

I don’t need drugs. I’m a writer.



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