It’s November! Let’s write novels!

If you have even a tiny, minikin auhtor in you, now is the time to join in!

The world needs your novel!

It is the National Novel Writing Month!

Using this rather dark and leafy month for Nanowrimo is simply brilliant! I really can think of nothing better to do in November than write a novel, and I will definetely use this month to kick-start my project “The Hidden People”!

Which book will YOU be writing on this month?

Or perhaps you’ll be working on some other creative project?

November is like made for creativity. I just finished an abstract oil painting for my mum and now I’m planning my book series, wrapped up in an orange, fluffy blanket, with a nice and warm cup of green tea in my hands, staring at the white computer sheet in front of me. In my window pane the reflections of the yellow and tangerine candle flames are bickering and glittering. They mingle with the black night sky and the flickering of old street lanterns, and I sit still and listen to the noises my appartment sighs. I’m half hoping for a ghost to reveal itself, half expecting a troll jumping out of my nearest supply closet. And hundreds of mysteries and possible plots explodes in my head.

Happy November! Happy Writing!


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