Pondering my next move…


Dear friends and fellow writers,

do you know the feeling when your body and your mind want completely different things?

Recovering from the flu, my body is so tired and wants to sleep and sleep – for as many hours a day as I will allow.  My mind, however, is filled with new ideas and creativity, ready to write the entire weekend and spend every hour awake!

I talked to my awesome coach Jodi Nelson today and I feel so inspired! My body still feels like sleeping, but my mind and my heart have never been more awake. I took this picture, laughing at myself, because I was supposed to follow my body’s needs and take a nap but just couldn’t. Instead I’m pondering my next moves. And Jodi, as always, had so many great ideas.

So instead of sleeping, I’m now tucked in a blanket and back at my desk, taking all those new ideas seriously – giving them life immediately.

I have decided to not only write the new series in English – but to also translate the books I have already written. This way, I may get published even faster, since it takes less time to translate something I have already written, than to write something completely new.

No worries, I will still write The Hidden People. But this way, you will also have the opportunity to read my series about The Heart of Fire and The Northern Way.

Yes, I’m supposed to sleep.

And yes, I’m translating my novels instead.

I hope you’ll stay tuned for the excerpts of my novels!

So long!


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