IMG_20141106_122409Firstly, I’m functioning again! Yay!!!

Secondly, I’ve updated some pages!

I wrote these as I felt sick, so, please! If you discover any major spelling mistakes, do let me know!

I updated the information on my first three books, letting you guys know what I have been previously working on.

Have a look:

About my books

The Heart of Fire

The Northern Way


As I wrote in my blog post yesterday, I’m thinking of translating The Heart of Fire into English. Possibly also The Northern Way. What do you think? Do the excerpts intrigue you?

Also: Do you think the female name “Ane” is hard to remember and to pronounce in English?

What would YOU like to read about?

Have an amazing and intriguing day!

And, yes! My mum knit that scarf! ❤


By the way:

Oh my gosh! This is hilarious!

If you think this is as fun as I do, please vote here:

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