Eye-opener: Translating a poem is really hard

It is so hard to translate my book The Heart of Fire into English – especially since the book starts with a poem that is also a riddle and a prediction…!

Translating the poem is so hard, it takes so many hours, and in the end, I only have a few words that I stare at…

Hold my breath and think…

Nah, I better rewrite the entire thing.

So I’m taking breaks. And I’m playing a little…


I sure hope Tolkien is right! ❤

Just to stay focused and keep my positve affirmations in order:


This is happening. This is not just me dreaming and doodling, this is me ACTING.

I’m translating my book – one of the first steps into becoming a full-time writer.

It is happening. One poem at a time. Which literally means: Really, really slowly… Sigh!

Back to work!

Here is some of the crap I translated, the introductory part of the poem:


A fountain of infinite fright
A source of invincible might
A sealed pact, five and one sage
United awakens the limitless mage


Something doesn’t feel right about this poem however – about the sound of it. Any suggestions?

I tried out this as well:


A fountain of infinite wage
A source of unceasing age
A sealed pact, five and one sage
United awakens the limitless mage


But I’m not sure that it’s clear enough in this version that it’s about magic? Although I love the double meaning one could read into “wage”.

This is so frustrating!

I’m gonna get gray hair soon. And possibly die young.

Have a great Sunday evening!


2 thoughts on “Eye-opener: Translating a poem is really hard

  1. Hei hei 😀
    Oversetter ikke så mye, men tror diktet er ferdig. 😀 Se den nyeste bloggposten: Jeg har fikset hele “outlinen” til boka, så er snart klar til å oversette hele boka! 😀 Men den er dessverre ikke oversatt enda…. 😛 Det er mye jobb! :* TAKK for gode tanker! Sender mange tilbake! 😀


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