My 5 New Year’s Writing Resolutions


Do you have New Year’s resolutions?

I have five New Year’s writing resolutions and I’ve tried to keep them practical, measurable and doable.

Here they are:

1. To write an hour every day. In the weeks when it is not possible due to my day time jobs: Write 7 hours per week.

2. To translate A Heart of Fire into English

3. To stick to my new plot outline – no more diversions and no more letting the story get feet to run into a completely new direction!

4. To keep posting blog posts about the ongoing progress – for you guys to follow

5. To publish A Heart of Fire as e-book in 2015

In addition I have this supplementing resolution: To simplify daily routines in order to save more time and energy for writing.
My new morning ritual goes like this:

Get up and drink water, do yoga, shower and get dressed, drink a freshly made smoothies and a cup of tea or coffee.

I started doing this in December and it feels great! Since I now know when to do exactly what I don’t really spend time anymore wondering what to do next in the mornings. And I’ve simplified my closet and clothing style – to spend less time worrying what to wear. So far, so good. I’ll let you know if I manage to stick to it.

What do you think?

What are your resolutions?

All the best,


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