The Journey


I’m on a ship. Literally.

In this very moment I am on a small, rocking ferry that is searching its way across the salty waters of the pond between Denmark and Norway.

I’m going on a short trip back home to Norway for New Year’s Eve.

That is: Hopefully.

With ships I always have the feeling that one can never be quite certain that they will arrive. This might be why, when I travel by boat, I always feel especially thrilled when I arrive at the destination. There’s nothing like surviving a boat trip regularly and with a thankful heart feel the blessed Mother Earth underneath my feet again. I travel by boat a lot.

I took a safety training course for co-workers on cruise ships once. Theoretically, if anything should happen on this journey, at least I know how to ride the slides down to the life rafts. Those slides are actually quite fun. Except, when you really need them.

Momentarily it is not quite certain whether I’m on Norwegian or Danish waters. It is also fascinatingly unpredictable what the surroundings are right now; which fish are swimming underneath the boat under the waves, which sand crystals and which sea plants I’m floating over. It is dark outside and the sea looks like a pool of inconstant secrets. We’re travelling underneath the stars and are navigating almost like by magic through instruments simply measuring different types of waves. It is nearly certain that we will actually arrive on the destined shore on the destined time, but even that is not a hundred percent sure, since we are literally on an oversized dinghy out on the open sea.

Uncertainty. Possibilities. Secrets. Faith. Wild hope that the ship actually WILL arrive.

Sitting here I’m pondering on the new year to come. Not just my physical body but also my soul is on a journey right now.
This New Year’s Eve in some ways marks a door on my life’s journey. Last year was the year when I worked myself into a burn out. This year was the year of healing and I used it to prepare for my dreams to come true. New Year’s Eve this year is the portal that takes me to 2015, a year which I will dedicate to making my dreams come true. It will be a year of action – jumping on the boat that will take me over risky seas – and faith – that my boat will actually at some point arrive, no matter the uncertainties of the journey. You see, it is not quite certain HOW I will reach my dream. But I will keep on sailing until I arrive at the shore. No matter how big the storm, how high the waves or how deep the seas, I will not stop navigating and steering the boat towards my dream until I reach it.

Right now, I’m on a journey towards Norway, my family and New Year’s Eve.

And I’m also on my big adventure, finally following my dreams.

Hopefully, both journeys will turn out a success.

Have a great New Year’s Eve!

Remember, the Portal of 2015 can take you anywhere you wish!

May your journey take you to the destination of your dreams!

All the best,

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