A Letter to my Day Job

Web IMG_20141120_161515

Visiting my Day Job

Dear Day Job.

I really like you… But we’ve got to talk!

I know you mean well, and you really just want to spend a lot of time with me, but seriously! Don’t panic if I go somewhere else. No reason to cling to my foot like that!

Yesterday I got up at 06:00, to be with you at 07:30. I met up, didn’t I? And I stayed in that cute little shop of yours the entire day, even with a smile on my face. I wasn’t home again until 17:30, and I came home only to change my clothes and visit the mistress.

I’m sorry, but I really like the mistress. Stop arguing, for the thousandth time, you know I’ll keep her, at least for now.

So at 17:35 I hit the road again to teach the Norwegian language course and I was back at 20:00.

By then I had been up for 14 hours, and I still hadn’t written a word for my daily writing goals. So, you see, Day Job, you’re not the one who gets the least of my time – you get most of my time. Yesterday, anyway.

To be honest, I didn’t reach my writing goals yesterday. My husband cooked for me when I got home and it tasted delicious. No guilt there, only pleasure.

Today, however, dear Day Job, I can’t meet with you. Sorry.

My boss gave me two days off.

And I do have to warn you: Today I’ll spend time with your only TRUE competition. The competition that might one day grow stronger than you and seriously kick your butt.

My writing.

See you on Friday!


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