Calendar Week 8: Working Like A Snail Towards Becoming Published

About the journey of writing and becoming a published writer…

Current Weekly Writing Goals:

  1. Work on “A Heart of Fire” for 4 hours in a row on a day of my choosing.
  2. Post one blog post per week. I’m working on consistency – publishing only as often as I can definitely post and still make it, no matter what.
  3. Despite of my day job and my writing goals: Stay in touch with my friends!
  4. Write my journal to keep track and to plan well, to reflect and to learn


Easy, right? The goals are so simple, that I could do it with a blindfold on. Or could I?

Here’s what happened…


I worked on my day job from very early till late (it included an on-the-job training).

I had only slept 3 hours the night before due to reading an awesome book until the early morning birds started to sing. Do I ever learn? So I was far too tired to prepare my Wednesday blog post. I ate dinner with my husband and watched Black Sails, fell asleep while watching it (and that says a lot!)…


I wrote my journal… And I read a chapter in Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon: Reading other people’s awesome books and hopefully learning to write better!



I had volunteered to work the earliest shift. I love the earliest shift. Still, I was somehow half a zombie at work.

Got home at five and started writing my Wednesday Blog Post. When do I learn?? I should really work on writing my blog posts in an hour or two. I kept polishing it till eleven thirty…

My brain worked on half the normal speed this Tuesday. Well, zombie speed, really. It felt so good when the blog piece was finally done and my husband read it. Loved it when he said: Well done! Patted myself on the shoulder. Watched the rest of the Black Sails episode – the one I’d fallen asleep during on Monday evening, went to bed. Forgot to journal…



Slept to 10:30, felt much less zombie, called my mum, published my blog post. WEEKLY SUBGOAL ACHIEVED!

Worked the late shift at my day job, didn’t get back until 9.

After that: Eating a warm meal, answering and checking up on the social media channels, reading articles on blogging, started several new blog posts to avoid situations like yesterday. Patted myself on the shoulder again.


Thursday, the KOALA BEAR day of the week:

Feeling insanely tired today. Sat down to write for 4 hours. Ended up reading a friend’s second chapter, writing a few comments.

I felt really low on energy today. I tried to write with my head resting on my desk. It didn’t work.

I felt bad about it, I really wanted to write today. I really, really wanted A Heart of Fire to just be finished – not really honoring but rather cursing the process.

I told a friend that he could read my first chapter this week. Only one problem: I haven’t written it in English yet.

I wanted so badly to write it in English today, but my thoughts were not straight, they were “zigzag” and “jumpy”.

Was supposed to visit friends in the evening. Called it off as I obviously needed rest (and I’m introverted) and I also secretly hoped that this day off wasn’t for nothing and that I could still get at least some work done. Felt a bit sad that I have so little time to focus on my books this week. I felt a bit as if I’m faking being an author. I had to retell myself that I have actually written three books. Tried to write again and realized:

Crap! My head was resting on the desk again.

I watched Arrow and ate popcorn.



Working at the day job the entire day. Had an unfortunate shift, starting at one. I don’t do anything but sleep before work when starting at one.

I was supposed to go to a party at 8. I made myself something to eat when I got back from work. Then I dressed up in a black, sexy dress and went to get my bike. It was useless. The front tyre was flat. I didn’t find my bicycle pump. I literally searched the entire appartment. No pump. I didn’t know how else to get there. My husband was off at another party already. I cursed. I almost cried.

And then I sat down in my pretty, black dress, made some more popcorn and watched Arrows again – falling asleep on the couch.

I guess this is the place where I add that I stand and walk the entire day when working at the day job. No sitting there! So me sinking down on my awesome couch – well – in that moment my couch felt like sinking down on to a tiny piece of heaven.

Writing goals reached: None.

But at least:

Being nice to myself: Check.



I worked the entire Saturday. It wasn’t my shift. I just keep working for everybody else, being the nice person who steps in for everyone who gets sick. I love to step in. I love all my jobs. I would also love to write more by far. I’m a walking paradox. I want to be cured of the need to sleep.

Evening: Friends visiting: Girls’ night mexican style at my place! It was fantastic. Being social with great friends: Weekly Goal Achieved!



We had a great breakfast at our place with a close friend, filled with inspiring conversation topics. However, I got a phone call from Norway. One of the persons I love most is in the hospital. And I can’t go there because I have to stay in Germany and work.

The air went out of me completely.

I did nothing to reach my goals today, I focused on breathing deeply and not falling apart.




I love my day job and I want to keep it! I didn’t reach the goal of writing 4 hours, but I journaled, I blogged and I was social with friends. Still: Week 8 was rather unproductive, working like a snail towards becoming published.

But I also have a solution.

Have you heard of the 80-20 principle? It’s partly about effectiveness and about dropping any inefficiencies as soon as you can.

Well, I intend to apply it! No more SNAIL SPEED, thank you very much.

See, the moment when I truly couldn’t reach all my author goals for this week anymore, was the moment when I volunteered to work extra at my day job. I have calculated my living expenses, and I am very happy to announce: I’m reducing my hours at my day job from the 1st of March. That means: To reach my dream of becoming published I am dropping the hours I work at the day job to three days per week. I’m gonna be thankful for what I have, live simple and be creative. I’m gonna focus my energies on what I love to do: Write!

No more snail speed, I’m gonna be a leopard.


Did you enjoy this embarrassingly honest post?

I’d love it if you would share it with your friends or post a comment!

How is your week going?

Are you working effectively to reach your dreams?

All the best,


All photos are my own!

5 thoughts on “Calendar Week 8: Working Like A Snail Towards Becoming Published

  1. First I’m sorry about the bad news, I hope things work out well for you and your loved ones.

    Secondly it’s not an embarrassing post. It reminded me so much of what I went through in January when I decided on the arbitrary numbers of 2 hours writing per weekday and 6 hours per weekend day. That didn’t work for me and I ended up seriously blocked. Plus I can’t really reduce my day job work hours so my only other option was to choose the organic path of writing with a minimum goal of word count (#FebWritingChallenge). I think I had to trust myself that I will eventually reach the goal of finishing the first draft and not set it as a hard target. I think it’s my internal pathways and my past that makes any hard targets a negative challenge; I fly on intuition most of the time.

    I hope you reach your targets and you get your book published. I think perhaps the secret is that we want to become published authors more than anything else and we are not putting any mental blocks and impediments but we see it as something that really happens in the future. 😀


  2. Thank you, Aura! I appreciate your support! ❤ 🙂

    Haha, to me, as an introvert, it still feels odd to have a blog and "put myself out there", and I guess every kind of "putting myself out there" still feels a little bit… well… embarrassing. 😀

    LOVE what you say about choosing the organic path of writing and LOVE the way you believe in your dream! To me the organic path is definitely the best way to work for my goals – and choosing this path will hopefully be rewarding to us when we reach our goals! When we have become published, we will hopefully stay calm and know what to do next… (Write the next book… 😉 )

    Have a wonderful weekend gardening your dreams! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I am still uncertain whether I am an introvert or an extrovert. I rather dislike labels so I’ve decided that I’ll make a new one: I’m an introverted extrovert who depending on the occasion behaves in one or another way but who is certainly mixing things up as convenient. 😀

    Don’t be embarrassed. Decent people who read your blog will not judge you but accept you as you are. The people who are not decent and want to judge you… well you know it’s their problem not yours. 😀

    Since I am not in the writing business for the fame and the glory, for me after the first book there will be a second. Then a third. I will be telling stories as fast as I can until my last breath is drawn. That’s my path with a heart I am following. However still on the beginning steps, I have to learn and get better and write better and learn and finish the first book and… 😀

    Have a lovely and creative weekend. 🙂


  4. I love that you know where you are, where you’ve been and where you want to go! 😀

    I’m also not writing for fame and glory – I write because I cannot NOT write. It bubbles in me! I love reading and I love writing – two of my biggest passions in life! I write for the sake of the stories.

    It is so great that you have found your path! I have found my path, too, and like you, I will also keep going, keep getting better, keep writing more stories all my life… I would be truly honored and so thankful if one day other people would enjoy and appreciate my stories as well. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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