5 Important Life Lessons My Grandparents Taught Me

21st of March my grandmother died – my reason for not blogging these past weeks. I miss her, I love her, and her death is not what I wanted for her. I wanted her to have a happy retirement and enjoy her life far longer. But she was ready to go – and disease finally took her out of her misery and hopefully away to a beautiful place where she can finally meet my grandfather again.

I miss the two of them more than words can express, which is why I decided to dedicate a post to them. They taught me so much about life and about loving, and here are some of the things I learned from them…

1. A person’s true life work equals the sum of all the love they shared and scattered onto others.

To have loved other people dearly is the true measure of success. When all your days are counted, that’s what remains, that’s what lives on. The love.

2. Grief is ultimately one of the deepest signs of love.

Sometimes the pain one suffers in life is close to unbearable, especially if it is grief over a person who was stolen away far too young. If you love deeply, your grief over losing that person is bottomless. When one is grieving, this is but a sign that one loves deeply, and because of this love there is always a way back to living again. There is always a way to expand your love again, to love other people again, to feel loved again, no matter how hard this may seem. People who have grieved deeply and find their way back to living through loving – these are people who truly make the world a better place to be.

3. It is possible to stay together with the love of your life no matter what.

In fact, if you manage to stay together through immense horrors, your love for and bond to the other soul will grow deeper than you ever imagined possible. So deep that the one almost can’t live without the other.

4. To truly love is to love and expect nothing in return.

This kind of love gives everybody a chance and looks beyond people’s mistakes and to their broken hearts. This is a healing kind of love. This is a love that is always prepared to forgive.

5. Invest in love and in your dreams.

If you truly love your partner and you are truly following the dreams of your heart – then there should never be another option than this one: Give it your all.

Every day I work to become a little bit more like my grandparents and love the people surrounding me, giving them a chance, forgiving their mistakes, being good to them. My grandparents were everything. They gave everything. They made the world a better place to be. And through their long, sometimes deeply sorrowful lives, they learned to love unconditionally and to scatter love on everybody around them. When I think back on them, that’s what I want to remember.

Lots of love,


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