How to embrace the creative process – and the fact that it takes TIME

The creative process takes time. Accept and embrace it!

I used to struggle accepting that the process of becoming a full-time writer is a slow one. I desperately wanted to rush towards my goal and be there NOW. I’ve slowly learned to appreciate the fact that the creative process takes time – and that’s okay!

Let’s take a closer look at the creative process.

In order to be able to embrace the creative process, we need to understand it and accept it.

The creative process is an amazing journey with many stages that each takes time. If you have the patience and faith to endure all the stages – you will probably end up creating something amazing. Once you have experienced this complete process once you will also be more able to appreciate the entire process of it for future projects.

So here they are, eight stages of the creative process, ready to be embraced:

1. The idea

The process starts out with an idea – and the hunch that your newly born idea may very likely turn out to be in fact brilliant.

2. Research

This is the phase where you read similar books or watch similar movies or visit art shows etc. as you turn your idea into a concrete plan.

3. Start creating

Such an awesome phase – you’re making something out of nothing – letting your own imagination bloom! Is there a better high than this?

4. Fear and Doubt

Will I ever make it? Do I deserve to make it? Am I good enough? The self-doubt / fear phase is a hard one. To finish your book / art project you have to deal with your fears and walk right through them.


5. Pause

You will need a pause and get some distance from your project. When you work intensely on something, you will have blind spots. Taking a pause before considering your project in a new light makes you able to see what needs to be different and change it.

6. Positive feedback

Don’t just ask beta writers / friends etc to give constructive feedback. It is so important to our vulnerable creative hearts that we get some positive feedback first. What worked for the reader / viewer? And then: What didn’t work? Your art is coming from within – and it is first and foremost positive. Ask for positive feedback first! Your creative heart will thank me later, I promise!

7. Celebrate breakthroughs

Every breakthrough on the way finishing your project is an awesome one. In order to keep going, they should all be celebrated! The positive celebration will help you going!

8. Stop in time!

I know – this is a hard one, but we need to learn this as well: Be able to see when the book / art project is done! Be wise – there is no perfect – and that in itself is to me perfect! A great project is one that you are happy with and that is done!!!

Embrace it…

It seems obvious when we know about the creative process that it actually needs to take time. There is no need for us to rush. We’ll get there – one step at a time.

When we relax in knowing that we keep working towards our dreams and that our dreams will very likely come true down the road – our creative energies start to flow – and we learn to love the process!

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Have a great, creative week!

Hugs, Agnete


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