July and August Updates: A Writer’s Chaotic Summer

How was your summer???

I wish I could tell you that I’ve been writing all summer.

With flowers in my hair, angel dust on my keyboard, lots of coffee and thousands of pages.

What a peaceful, productive summer that would have been.

Welcome to the big, fat Reality:

I’ve had a very chaotic summer with a million things happening – trying to do everything and nothing all at once. For a highly sensitive person, not really the best way to go. But still – there were so many things I wouldn’t have wanted to miss out of for the world. So there you go; a crazy, salad, mixed up summer it was!

Firstly, there was working my hours at the shop and as a teacher, working almost the entire summer.

And then there’s all the fun stuff on top: Getting so many great visitors from Norway, thank you so much for visiting!, planning and attending two bachelorette parties here in Germany, so much fun, running away for a short trip abroad, attending two weddings in Germany watching four of my very best friends getting married. Thank you all for making this summer an extraordinary summer indeed!


If that was all, it would still have been a lot.

But it was not.

The biggest thing, on top of everything else, was definitely moving into a new apartment. Tons of hours renovating, packing, sorting, throwing away, selling furniture, buying furniture, rebuilding furniture, sorting even more while unpacking. I have a million things too many and have given lots of things away – to friends, children in need and even refugees coming to Germany. The process is far from ended. I still write this with piles of unsorted stuff around me. So this is what took the biggest chunk of my time.

A chaotic summer with so much happening indeed.

I dream of a calm autumn and declare it for started as I sit down today with the first book of The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan and do nothing but read, drink tea and pull my blankets tight.



Lots of hugs,


4 thoughts on “July and August Updates: A Writer’s Chaotic Summer

  1. Hey Agnete, sounds like an extremely busy summer you had. Also sounds good. Moving is never easy, to move your entire life from one place to another is a complicated act and can’t be finished in a weekend. I guess it’s time for your Feng Shui act to unblock the creative energies in the new place?

    As for the summer I didn’t do much writing either; had to center myself because I became lost for a while. I am slowly going back to it but I am clarifying first my short and long term goals for a writing career and putting together a solid plan. Oh I also have a new web home and retired the story pouch. Not much in it currently but I am getting there as part of the career restructure. 😀

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  2. Hi, Aura!

    Thanks for your comment! Yes! Use feng shui on everything from colours to placement – and to decide what to keep. If I it is very useful to me or if it makes me feel happy I keep it. If not – off it goes! 😉

    Know the feeling – have to centre myself all the time as well. Each week, each day, over and over again. Good luck and have fun clarifying your goals and making your plans! Are you by any chance restructuring your career to make more room to write? 😀 Hope you find time to do the things you love!

    What’s your new web adress? 😀

    Hugs, Agnete

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  3. I can’t restructure my day job for two reasons. The first is that I need the money to clear debt. The second is that it’s my personal challenge to see it through a certain point before I start the process of leaving it. So for now I am working two jobs and the second is the unpaid one. It’s tiring and I find that many times I lack the energy to do both in a day but then again finding a good balance is never easy and right now I am trying to do that specifically.

    On top of that with becoming a full time author it’s never as easy as sticking with writing only. Building an author platform is tricky and I am reading material now on the subject. It would be simple to say: I write only, but also would achieve nothing in terms of making writing my full time occupation. That’s the reason why I started over with the website ( https://auraeadon.space ). Right now there isn’t much in it but getting there. Baby steps. 😀

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  4. I know the feeling – working more jobs – the author part being the unpaid part… Balance is always a huge challenge, especially in a time, as you mentioned, when being an author is not just about sitting down and writing a book anymore. Too many people do that and one now has to stand out to be seen and to become read. An online prescence is paramount! It’s a way of connecting with readers and of marketing oneself.

    But one step at a time. My coach Jodi always tells me to take baby steps as well. 😀 Baby steps in the right direction is the way to go. Even baby steps will take us to our goals. 😀

    Still doing monthly writing challenges?

    Wishing you a happy and balanced week full of creativity!


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