For Aspiring Authors: PROs and CONs of having a professional COACH

Happy Monday, dear readers!

This week I want to talk to you about a topic that has been and still is really important to me and has led to immensely positive life changes for me. If you are considering hiring a professional coach to guide you on your way, I expect you to ask yourself if it is a good enough investment to be putting a significant amount of money into it over a set period of time. Let me tell you a little bit about what my experience with having a coach has done for me and my writing career. Here are my personal pros and cons.


PROs of having a coach

If you are a writer, like me, working to become a fulltime writer, a professional coach can truly help you move forward. I am very happy that I met my brilliant coach Jodi Nelson, who has her own business BNDmand, who knows so much more than me about social media and being an entrepreneur than me.

To become a fulltime author today mostly just writing a story is not enough. Gaining an audience, actual readers!, learning about publishing, doing PR, connecting with your audience on social media, in short, running your business and your “author brand” online, is also becoming an important part of becoming an author.

I’m good at writing – not at entrepreneur strategies and building a brand. My coach helps me with that second part.

Here are my PROs for hiring a coach listed up:

  1. Someone gives you guidance
    1. There’s a jungle of possibilities out there today – how to publish yourself, how to manage your own social media channels, how to finance your own projects and so on. She guides me through the possibilities and offers her expertise. In learning about campaigns and courses, I would even go so far as saying she is my teacher.
  2. Someone helps you learn new skillsets
    1. My coach has helped me tremendously with acquiring new skillsets related to social media and to personal development. For instance, now I know so much more about building a business plan with baby steps to conduct and I know now how to build a social media strategy, an editorial calendar, about shaping a creative mind-set and building new, lasting habits. She also helped me improve my time management so that I now use more time writing than before.
  3. Someone gives you motivation.
    1. My coach motivates me through showing me amazing possibilities I didn’t even know existed or were in my range, like how to prepare online courses, how to connect with an audience through social media, how to do my own PR, and so on.
    2. When I almost stopped believing in my projects and almost quit my social media channels, she’s the one who reminded me of my goals, of the baby steps I could continue taking, and eventually led me to keep on writing and keep moving forward.
  4. Someone helps you move forward faster in the direction of your dreams.
    1. Had I not had a coach, it would have taken me hundreds of hours more acquiring the same skillsets that I have learned and am learning from her now. I’ve learned so much more than I even dreamed of as I signed up for this and I am so much better prepared for doing my own PR etc. She helps my dreams come true and puts step stones in my way to make my dreams possible. All I have to do is to step forward on the path that she helps preparing. It is truly a tremendous help having someone not just rooting for you but actually being hired to help you reach your dreams and show you a way. More than ever I now know that it is possible and even likely that I will soon be a published writer.

CONs of having a coach

  1. It’s a significant economical investment.
    1. If you want QUALITY coaching to speed you on your way, you will have to invest in it. It is an investment in yourself and your future and hiring a quality coach means that you have to make a significant economical investment.
  2. It’s a significant investment of time and energy.
    1. You also have to make a significant investment of time and energy as you work to change your life and boost your career. You must me ready and willing to do the work. If you don’t have the time to conduct the tasks the coach gives you, your money might be better spended elsewise.


I feel like an athlete who is training my muscles with my personal trainer who guides me on the way. She prepares me for the race, but I have to run it myself.

Having a coach means paying someone to teach you new skillsets and show you new possibilities. You will have to invest time, energy and money into making a real change – which is everything but comfortable. The insights the coach might give you, however, are invaluable. If the coach is good, the advice and guidance you get is spot on and in the end saves time and energy.

If you can somehow gather the money to hire a coach and you feel ready to invest time into your dreams, I highly recommend it, and I highly recommend BNDmand.

If you are ready, it may be the best investment you’ll ever make.

For myself I can definitely say, that my decision of hiring a coach has been one of the most life changing decisions I ever made – and definitely the one who brought me closer to my dreams the fastest.


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Have a fabulous week,

A. J. Lundetræ


5 thoughts on “For Aspiring Authors: PROs and CONs of having a professional COACH

  1. Yes it’s never as easy as “I’m a writer; I just need to write”, is it? I’m reading the book “Rise of the Machines: Human Authors in a Digital World” by Kristen Lamb and she makes a very convincing case about how leaving the deceptively protective shell of the author who “only writes” is what the new digital age writers need to do.

    In the end I think that investing in yourself is the best decision one can make and I am happy you are finding your way on your path with Jodi’s help. I’ve been in a similar situation and I can totally appreciate the feeling.

    The point that I believe is most defining, is your second of your “cons” points: a significant investment of time and energy and a lot of hard work, which with the help of people like your coach usually also becomes smart and progressively less hard work. At the end of the day we do need to invest our energy and move out of the wishful thinking sphere. I know I had to consider it recently very seriously and to realise that unless I put my intent to my dreams they will never be anything other than dreams. 🙂

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  2. Hi, Aura!
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the topic, I completely agree with you. To me it has been really important to invest not only time and energy into my dreams, but also (slowly) money into reaching them. The money I spent has been an important incentive for me to keep going. I invested and I fiercely want to get something back for my investments.
    Let’s invest energy into our dreams today! 😄 😄 😄 happy writing! 😄

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  3. Very interesting reading! I’ve never considered a professional coach but you are so right in saying that being a writer is not simply about the writing. You need to be armed with all the relevant facts about publishing, branding and social media, in order for all of the time spent creating your book to be well spent. The best story in the world won’t make it purely on the writing. You need to be able to hustle, which seems very unfair as most writers are, by nature, introverts!

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  4. Yes! Thanks for your comment!
    As Jodi always tells me: New writers may benefit tremendously by having a strong online presence before they actually publish their first books. Having an online presence means building an audience – so that someone will actually read your book when it gets out there. 🙂 And yes, this is a challenge to introverts – but one that I think we introverts can grow a lot on. I’ve definitely needed to learn several new skill sets in order to have an online presence at all, laughing. 😀


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