Crowdfunding Campaign Coming Up!!!

I know it seems like I’m doing nothing, but let me tell you this: Things are swarming behind the curtains. Truly.

My tiny fairies with golden wings are coordinating plots and ideas, tasks and adventures.

My main elf (read: coach), with her cloak of wisdom and white dress sparkling with creativity, is showing the way with her compass, map, wild ideas and wind in her hair.

My dís, who initiated my fate here in this world, (read: my mum) is cheering me on with her spirit and protection.

My personal hero, an Andal, if you will, (read: my husband), walks with me every step of my way, even when I have to cut down the thorns and the wicked thoughts myself with my own valyrian sword.

Thank you, riders of dragons (and unicorns), meaning: everyone who is supporting me!


Without you my stories will only be cristals that explode once only to disappear in the sky.

Thank you for following my journey!!!

The steps are getting more and more concrete, one step at a time really does lead me closer to my dreams of becoming a published writer.

This is what I really wanted to tell you, guys:



I will try to raise enough money to finish the English version of A Heart of Fire and publish it next year. The campaign launches at the 1st of October.


Hang on. I will keep you updated!

But first, I need to attend to my friends, the pixies, fairies, trolls, leprachauns, fauns, centaurs and angels.

Have a magical week!

Very warm hugs with sparkles of fire,

A.J. Lundetræ


PS! Since this is by far my most cheesy written post yet, I’m gonna go ahead and top it with this picture… 😀


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