PHOTOS from my Writer’s Retreat

A few days in, I feel blissful that I chose to withdraw from my everyday for ten days. The location is a holiday house on an island in Denmark, between fields and wild nature. A calm that I had forgotten but somehow still longed for is present in my life once again.


Walks at the Seaside

A part of my retreat is taking long walks at the seaside.

I’m observing the nature around me, breathing deeply. I’m noticing the beauty with all my senses, smelling the salty air, feeling the wind on my skin, touching the warm sand and shells with my hands, taking a closer look at tiny details in my surroundings, tasting the water, letting myself be drawn into the silence of the moment.

Experiencing the nature around me starts calming me down. I realize that I needed to calm down more than I thought beforehand.

I start enjoying the nature. Suddenly there’s a butterfly landing close to me. I notice dried seaweed that looks like a heart. The soft roar of ocean waves keeps rising and falling, rising and falling.

I’m drinking from the peace surrounding me.

Retreating and Reviving

The last couple of days have been relaxed and carefree. The muscles at my back are loosened, the stressful thoughts in my mind silenced.

The time here is spent with my husband and two very dear friends, who also wanted to and needed to retreat and relax. We’re preparing, sharing and enjoying two big meals per day and spend time telling our stories and listening to the others.

The content of the retreat has elsewise been sleeping, swimming, sitting in the whirlpool, doing yoga, reading and making notes, walking outside in the nature, knitting socks, laying on a blanket in the sun, listening to the wind, feeling the grass under my toes, sitting in the sauna, sitting at the seaside, listening to the waves, making photographs and baking an autumn apple cake.

I’m also reading about the healing of the heart, the body and the soul, doing exercises to heal myself – a preparation for everything yet to come this autumn. I journal a lot, prepare my campaign, prepare my stories.

I feel better than I have in a long, long time.

I’m retreating and I’m reviving.

I’m ready for my crowdfunding campaign…

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Have any comments? Have you retreated or would you like to retreat? I would love to hear from you!

Wishing you all a RELAXED week,

A. J. Lundetræ

4 thoughts on “PHOTOS from my Writer’s Retreat

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  2. Thank you! 😀 😀 😀
    Yay for relaxation – I’m back home now, and I’ve added a few of the retreat activities to my everyday week, and it feels great. 🙂 You can totally have “retreat evenings” as well 😉


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