Behind the Scenes in October…

behindthescenes1Writing – mostly blog posts, tweets and A Heart of Fire notes

As you know from this post, October is probably the most busy month of this entire year for me. Most of the time I’m working – as a lecturer (which means lots of time preparing as well), as a teacher, in the shop – and I try to squeeze in some time for my writing job as well.

A part of that is having an online presence on social media in addition to just writing. And I also try to see my husband and my friends, buy groceries, cook, clean, and go for an occasional run.

My writing – how is it going in between everything else?

Well, as I said, I use parts of my writing time to write blog posts, tweets and A Heart of Fire notes. In concrete terms I’m preparing for NaNoWriMo. I will use it to rewrite AHOF in English. (It is in Norwegian right now.) As I stay true to my main story, I must say that it has evolved quite a bit, even this last year. Hopefully, for the better.

Do you know the feeling trying to squeeze in some writing – and you lose track of time and your surroundings? And suddenly you are like GOSH, when did I get THIS hungry? Or when did it get THIS late? Or all of a sudden: Why do my hands hurt? Oh, gosh, when did my hands get THIS cold?! It happens to me all the time… 😛

Looking so much forward to translating A Heart of Fire!!! Stay tuned for updates! 😀


And now you know what my work place looks like… XD

Also sneaking in time to read – I can’t help it… 😉

Reading two stories written by two friends of mine. The stories are really good!!! Which makes it really hard to put them down… I’m so proud that I get to read other writers’ stories before their out – and I really believe in you, guys! These stories are amazing! The world clearly doesn’t have enough stories yet. It definitely needs our stories as well. Keep writing, everyone!


Sitting in my living room reading in the evenings…


I’m gathering lots of written information – and also visual inspiration on pinterest...

Fantasy art makes my fingers ache to start writing. Have a look, if you want, at my inspiration boards Fantasy Art and Writing A Heart of Fire – Inspiration.

A sneak peek: These pieces of art make my heart glow… Can you honestly tell me that yours doesn’t when you see them? 😀

I also stumbled over this fun test today:


Which magic is suited for you?

Are you a typical pyromancer, geomancer, hydromancer, aeromancer, photomancer or umbramancer?

Find out here!

If you do, I’d love to know which one you got!

😀 😀 😀

Over to –  you!

I seriously have to go and prepare the next lecture now.

What’s happening in your life behind the scenes?

Would love to hear from you in the comments!

Best wishes,



It’s kind of hip right now to show off your bookshelf… So here it is: Me in front of my bookshelf XD

13 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes in October…

  1. Oh my goodness, I love your writing space! I’m seriously craning my head trying to see here *not a stalker, honestly!* I know exactly what you mean about time slipping away. Last week I forgot to eat until 9pm because I wanted to get a short story finished. Trying to find time to fit everything in is a huge challenge to everyone who writes, although I think we’re more addicted to our art than the general populace 😉

    Ooh, beta reading…*wonders*…

    Love the fantasy pics. I have a board for both my books but I try and stay away from Pinterest on a daily basis as it is a huge black hole where time disappears down the rabbit hole!

    I took the test and I’m a hydromancer, which is cool as I’m also an Aquarian (but I can’t swim!)

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  2. Hi, Beverley!

    YES! Yours is one of the stories I’m reading and I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!! Will send you a thorough comment when I’m through. Your story is so good it literally makes me sad that I have to stop reading and go to work. 😀 I’m more than halfway through… But I have to stop reading now and get back to my lecture, SIGH. 😉 Isn’t it odd – if you knew the pain I’m in, you’d probably be happy. Haha, writers (and readers) are a little bit sadist that way (happy about pain). I know I am… 😉

    Thank you!!! I’ve tried to decorate my working space to be balanced and give me energy. 😀
    I don’t normally share this much of my own life – but I noticed last week through the Confessions of a writer challenge how positive it is for me to follow the progress of other writers, and “look” behind “their scenes”. So I thought I’d try and give back, in the hope that other writers, too, profit from following others’ progress, and in this case, my progress. 😀 So that’s the story behind sharing my work space. 😉

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  3. There are no sweeter words to a writer than yours! 😄 But I understand completely, that need to find out what happens in a book so you take every minute you can to read just one more page! And yes, we are indeed fond of that kind of pain 😉

    It’s a lovely space. You make me want to share mine (after a thorough tidy up..) I absolutely agree on giving back and sharing being such an uplifting feeling that can only be beneficial!

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  4. Love this post Agnete, it’s awesome as per usual. Pinterest, heh love it to be honest. It’s where I hoard things, err I mean where I pin things *smiles innocently*.

    Apparently I am a Photomancer with this description:

    “The magical ability to shoot light. Like umbramancy, it is one of the rarest magics. The majority of photomancy consists of shooting beams of light. Photomancers are mostly the sweethearts. Now, don’t be fooled by their cute exterior. They can be beasts of pure destruction, should you threaten what they hold dear. Photomancy is praised due to its nature and power, and is the foil of umbramancy. Photomancers are human angels without the wings…for the most part…”

    I love the part about Photomancers being sweethearts, mostly. Just totally love this test thank you so much for sharing.

    Love your writing space, and I think my laptop looks suspiciously the similar to yours, lol.

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  5. Oh by the way, and since you love beta reading, would you please consider beta reading for me when I am ready? I’ve just finished draft 2 and will be doing NaNoWriMo during November, so it won’t be until after December before I have something worthy to be read by beta readers. Still doing initial feel on finding beta readers early is probably a good idea. Beverley, if you read this, same question for you also? As this is initial, even if you ladies say yes, I will ask again closer, but as I said just to get an initial idea. 😀

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  6. Thank you, Aura!!!
    Haha, perhaps we DO have the same computer? 😉

    I would love to be your beta reader, if you still want me to by December. It would be an honour! I already love what you’ve shared on your blog and look very much forward to your stories being published! ❤

    Photomancer really suits you well! 😀

    I'm a geomancer, so perhaps I should be a "gardener" in stead of an "architecht" when it comes to writing my stories? XD Or both? 😀

    The ability to manipulate the earth through telepatchic means, geomancy is famous for its defensive qualities. Despite this, geomancy is admittedly slow, and easily out maneuvered. Most geomancers are nature loving, and relatively peaceful. Despite this, if you dare threaten which a geomancer holds dear, then you best hope you haven't any unfinished business in this world. They WILL destroy you. In everyday use, geomancy is used for architecture and construction. Although, on the battle field, they are the first and last lines of defense. (Geomancy is a cousin of floramancy, the ability to manipulate plant life.)"

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