A Heart of Fire COVER REVEAL!!!


I’m actually VERY nervous, now that I’m actually going to reveal The Cover. There are actual butterflies in my tummy.

Luckily we achieve our dreams one step at a time – and not all of them at once. My heart would stop if it would all happen at once. It’s almost stopping right now.

Thank you so much to Ida Jansson at Amygdala Book Cover Design for doing a fantastic job desgining my cover!

A Heart of Fire. The story is Urban Fantasy for Young Adults. A 17-year-old girl, Ane, discovers that she has magical powers, and has to choose to use them for selfish goals or for the greater good, to find her inner strengths, in order to stand up against evil forces.

I wanted the cover to look good both in tiny and in big, I wanted the girl to be a little like Ane, I wanted it to be visible that it’s a fantasy book for young adults, and I wanted it to reflect the title: A Heart of Fire…

And here’s the result!


A Heart of Fire v3

What do you think, guys????? 😀

Hva synes dere om bokcoveret mitt, kjære venner??? 😀

Na, ihr Lieben, wie findet ihr das Cover??? 😀

A Heart of Fire v3

Warm (and nervous) (and happy) hugs,


15 thoughts on “A Heart of Fire COVER REVEAL!!!

  1. So very I don`t know what to call it 😉 Only that I imagined her to be fairhaired…:)) but that’s just my mind playing It’s gorgeous dear, magnificent

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  2. Thank you, Sinje!! ❤ I really appreciate your positive feedback! ❤ Perhaps because she is Norwegian you imagined her blond? But sorry, no, she had black hair all along. I loved the idea of her being different from the rest, and most people in Norway are blond, smiling. 😀 She has literally had black hair since I invented her 13 years ago…;)


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