Why would a Norwegian write in English? Here are 3 reasons…

I’m in a Facebook group for Norwegian writers, and today a person posted a memo on how awful it is when Norwegians write their stories in English instead of in Norwegian.

Most comments even implied being Norwegian and writing in English to be morally wrong. It devalues the Norwegian language, and it is a betrayal to the own language and even heritage.

A few comments said that Norwegians writing in English simply have a very poor Norwegian vocabulary, or else they wouldn’t feel like writing in English. Another wrote that Norwegians writing in English would end up writing cliché after cliché, as if this is not possible in Norwegian.

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Guys, I’m translating.


Like RIGHT NOW. Added a word count in the bar to the right.

Must go and give an evening lecture soon, will translate until then and will update my word count before I go.

I’m not avoiding it anymore. I’M TRANSLATING.

It is scary.

And so much fun.

See you later, gotta go!



How to be a crazy perfectionst (Hint: It is NOT the secret ingredient to a happy writing career)


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