14 new versions of “Roses are red” (presenting 14 Fantasy Subgenres…)


I couldn’t sleep last nigt. Here’s the result.

I rewrote “Roses are red” according to a few “guide lines” for different fantasy subgenres. The following “poems” should be read with a huge portion humour and some sprinkles of salt.

Let me know what you think!

Perhaps you have a version yourself to contribute? 😀

Have fun reading!


Common Modern Version:

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Sugar is sweet

And so are you


#1 Heroic Fantasy Version

The battlefield is red

The sword of bravery is blue

The war will soon be won

And it’s all because of you!


#2 Ghost Story Version

Fresh blood is red

The deep lake is midnight blue

Your neighbour just died

And soon, you will too


#3 Steampunk version

Clockwork toasters are copper

The laces on my dress are blue

Machines are comlicated and steamy

But oh, my! So are you


#4 Dark Fantasy Version

Death is red

And magic is black

The hero is grey

and Voldemort is back


#5 Fairytale Fantasy Version

The apple is red

His skin a white hue

The forest sighs of bliss

He is saved by HER kiss


#6 Urban Fantasy Version

The street lanterns are orange

My magic wand is blue

I may be a demon

But thank god, so are you


#7 Time Travel Romance Version

Your beaver hat is black

My red heart is yours

I’m from the future

Please prevent the world wars


#8 High Fantasy Version

The sword of Gyllynwynoan is red

The cape of Legoduplios is blue

The kingdom of Quartiariesteros is dangerous

And I’m riding on a dragon together with you


#9 Magic Realism Version

The rose is red and frozen

a pale stream of sunglight; now it gleams!

It is so beautiful that I’m not

Noticing the angel watching me


#10 Paranormal Romance Version

My blood is red and dripping

Your skin white as the moon

You already bit me

Let’s sleep together soon


#11 Dying Earth Fantasy Version

The planet is grey

My mood is blue

The sun just died

Soon we will, too


#12 Historical Fantasy Version

The era is dark

The swords are grey

You’re a mage by night

And a knight by day


#13 Low Fantasy Version

The class room is white

The teacher’s mood is cool

Everything is normal – but

for the fey in our school!


#14 Comic Fantasy Version

A girl named Parrot has red hair

The tounge, if she lies, turns blue

Her swamp dragon is adorable

And so, my oger, are you


❤ ❤ ❤

3 thoughts on “14 new versions of “Roses are red” (presenting 14 Fantasy Subgenres…)

  1. This was a silly post just for fun 😀
    Next time you can’t sleep, guys, you know what to do! XD
    (Although the creative juices made me even more awake, laughing)
    If you write some “night poems”, please let me know or post them here! Would love to read them! XD


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