How it feels to write a book


How it feels to write a book:


It feels easy, yet sometimes so difficult,

exciting and thrilling, yet sometimes scary,

fulfilling, yet sometimes never-ending,

challenging, indeed sometimes brain-wrecking,

necessary, yet sometimes so unimportant,

as if I am strong and powerful,

yet at the same time so vulnerable,

it feels like expanding myself, like I’m reaching for stars,

it feels so cozy, yet sometimes even painful,

it feels like a privilege, like a purpose and destiny,

although sometimes I feel useless and clumsy,

it feels like an honour, like I’m incredibly lucky,

yet sometimes I just feel untalented,

sometimes the text feels brilliant, sometimes it feels like crap,

it feels inspiring and captivating, yet I can feel my ears sweating,

I feel like I have a thousand stories to tell, yet so little time to write,

I feel like I’m creating with my mind, yet somehow being led by intuition,

sometimes it feels like a curse, but mostly it feels like a gift,

it feels heart-opening, even heart-exibiting,

it feels like tricky hard work when I’m fighting with my characters,

it feels like the emotions of all the charachters: I feel the joy, the adrenalin and the heartbreak, there are tears and there are laughter,

it feels overwhelming, and miraculous, like magic, and so frightening,

it feels enchanting, surprising, unbelievable,

yet just simply wonderful.


After writing this text, I’ve been asking writers on Twitter how it feels to them writing a book. Here are some of the answers…


@constantvoice A dance with the magic of my imagination, igniting the sparks of character and plot

@mhowalt Breathing life into a story dwelling inside. Doing what I always knew I needed. 🙂

@AuraEadon Eyes inside, feel and disentangle character and story threads, weave, let them flow.


@diggyduffy Characters spoke to me, got angry with me, and scratched my face until I told their truth and not my own. They set me free.

@diggyduffy The 2 most amazing words I wrote were: The End. It was as if the clocks stopped. My fingers left the keyboard & my hands shook

@diggyduffy Didn’t see it coming. 2.5 yrs following, recording, & writing a story that revealed itself slowly like remembering a dream.

@sarinalanger It feels awesome and I wouldn’t trade it for anything ❤ I know I’ll be an emotional wreck when I get the first proof copy!

@MollyLooby It feels like being a superhero 🙂

@MaragetLeigh8 It feels like pregnancy…. 🙂

@NoellBernard It feels like my imagination is coming to life.

@tweedlebb Fantastic, until it went public, will they love my baby?

@DenverRyanLit Sometimes it’s scary, but mostly its just terrific fun 🙂

@LLcphillips For me, writing is escaping and freeing my mind!

@GracieMGWriter It depends how well the writing is going so at times it’s fun and productive, other times, frustrating!

@Court_Kae It feels like discovering that you possess magical powers – Thrilling & terrifying.

@LoreScarlet_ Writing is one of the best & fulfilling experiences, but also one of the most stressful and painful experiences.

@brianawrites it’s exhausting yet extremely rewarding. It takes a great deal of self-discipline.

@AuthorChristyK Like creating a life and watching it grow, suffering thru ups and downs, and then freeing it to the world to stand on its own.

Thank you so much for these really great answers!


Now, over to YOU! How do YOU feel when working for your dreams?


I would love to hear from you in the comments!

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Have a wonderful day,



PS! New translation word count: 1107!

10 thoughts on “How it feels to write a book

  1. Exactly!
    How I can be so excited to write words and yet so scared boggles my mind. How I can love the characters so much and get so mad at them when they keep secrets makes my head spin. How I know what is supposed to happen, until SURPRISE… no I don’t. How there are days where there are hundreds of words and others where there is one. How once I get the first draft finished, but there’s still so much work to do and yet I continue. How I can magically make all the worlds in my head alive for others with words makes me smile.
    It’s a roller coaster. We should enjoy the ride.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for the comments, guys!

    Yes, there can be so many surprises when writing a book! Which is on one side amazing, it means we’re onto something and wer’re writing character-driven, and on the other side, it may even make us have to rewrite our entire plot lines.

    Yes, it’s a roller coaster. And the best “job” ever! 😀 Enjoy your writing time, friends! 😀


  3. By the way, I think it’s amazing that you are translating your book from Norwegian to English. :O That must be an insane amount of work! Best of luck to you!! And maybe I’ll get to read it someday. ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thank you for the comments!

    Aura: Yes! There’s nothing like creating something out of nothing!

    Brianna: Thank you! And YES!!! It IS an insane amount of work, laughing. And I’m going for it. XD


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