Choose to feel good about your writing


Happy Thursday, dear fellow writers and dreamers!

Perhaps you have noticed that my translation word count hasn’t changed much this past week. Not one word, to be exact. This is because I’m still working on that PhD thesis synopsis, and after a day of very intense cognitive work, I pretty much can’t focus very well on translating anymore – which is also an intense cognitive process.

I’m done lecturing for this semester, though, and my goal is to start translating again – with baby steps. I’m aiming for 20 minutes a day. I believe in writing everyday, as it helps you to stay in the story, remembering every aspect of the plot and the characters, not having to read bigger chunks to “get into the mood” again – you’re already there. I won’t make it every day. But perhaps the goal and the commitment will help me to get there often? Every word counts. Every word is one word closer to the dream.

In this spirit I thought I’d share a few of my positive writer affirmations with you. I hope this will encourage you to keep writing! In case you haven’t noticed – that is actually the two main themes of this blog: To share insights from my process of becoming a published writer – and to encourage and motivate other writers and dreamers.

I hope this is an encouragement to you today.

You can do it! Make the choice, be kind to yourself, choose to feel good about your amazing story that is slowly coming into shape – and you will make it. ❤

Writer affirmations…






Felt good?

If so; lines to be repeated daily 😉

Do you have any particular affirmations that work really well for you? A great affirmation to add to the list? Would love to hear about it in the comments!

Felt inspired after reading this post? I would love it if you would share it! ❤

I hope this day is greeting you with a smile!



6 thoughts on “Choose to feel good about your writing

  1. Love those affirmations Agnete. One major step for my writing was when I stopped being at war with myself first by judging everything I do in the harshest way. I think it let me appreciate better my writing efforts and treat it as an on-going endeavour that has no end but also has no fail point. Or rather, the only fail point is if I stop doing it. 😀

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  2. Thanks for your comment, Aura! 🙂 Yes – the only fail is when we stop writing. I think it is really hard – but so liberating – to work on stop being a perfectionist when I write, or at all. I still work on it. 🙂 It makes the words flow more easily somehow. I wish you a week of happy writing!!! 😀

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  3. I love what you said about every word counting, Agnete. That is so true. A lot of people would say that 20 minutes a day isn’t worth it, but what they don’t realise is that those minutes soon become hours and it’s always a step closer to the dream. I have the words ‘Dream. Imagine. Believe.’ above my bed, and that’s pretty much my inspiration. We have to dream that we can do it, imagine the parts of the process and believe in our skills and our words.

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  4. Thanks for commenting, Beverley. Yes, I completely agree with you! My motto “every word counts” has led me to translate 4000 words more this week. 😀
    Dream, Imagine, Believe is a really good motto to live by. At my work space I have three plates:
    Wish it, Dream it, Do it!
    Take pride in how far you have come and have faith in how far you can go.
    Live a big life.
    And a binder saying: The secret of being able to is wanting to.
    I love visual reminders 😀

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