About me

My name is Agnete Lundetræ and I’m a…

  • Novelist of epic fantasy and historical novels for grown-ups and young adults.
  • Socio-cultural anthropologist (MA)
  • Lecturer (university level) and Course Instructor
  • Researcher (working on my PhD!)
  • Coach (social media for creatives and job-, intercultural-, and personal coach for individuals and businesses, tips for authors and students)
  • Blogger and Freelance Writer
  • Translator (English-Norwegian and German-Norwegian)
  • Foreign Language Teacher (Norwegian)

and my expertice areas/favourite topics are:

  • social, cultural and psychological theories; intercultural understanding; living in a global world, understanding critical whiteness and modern racism
  • theories on religion, spirituality and health issues
  • social media for creatives
  • empirical research methods
  • personal development: simplify your life, being a highly sensitive person, achieving goals and dreams, transformation through habits, work-life balance, anti-stress-techniques etc.

I’m a believer in dreams, fuelled with passion; a fighter for human rights, democracy, love, acceptance, solidarity and fundamental freedoms.

I’m conducting a research project for my PhD as we speak on the connection between religion/spirituality and healing/coping after suffering different kinds of traumas. I’m really passionate about healthfulness; about the possibilities of healing in a broken world full of hurt, in a world that despite all the suffering is still somehow so full of love and goodness.

I believe in your dreams as well, not just in my own.

Dreams create our futures, if we allow ourselves to believe in them and do something about them! Let’s work for our dreams to come true – in any and every area of life!

Find your dream, find the courage, and then go for it!

Did you read this far? I’d love to hear from you! You may either contact me via e-mail to connect: lundetrae ATT hotmail DOT com, or simply leave a comment below!

Is there anything I can do for YOU?

Please don’t hesitate to contact me! I love to help out others any was I can!

I wish you all a great day – a day with lots of baby steps towards achieving dreams so big it’s both scary and down right faboulous!

Yours, Agnete



My story in short:

I’m 32 years old and I come from the southern coast of Norway. When I was 23 I left my home to study abroad in Germany and in England. I missed the train that went back home; I now live in Hamburg and I’m officially an emigrant. My Bachelor of Arts from Norway and Germany is in Intercultural Understanding with the main focus on communication, languages and cultures, and my Master of Arts from England is in Socio-Cultural Anthropology, allowing me to study and try to understand human social behaviour (and allowed me to live in the gorgeous city of Durham for a year).

I’ve had lots of different jobs (from lifeguard to trumpet instructor to social worker to universty lecturer), yet even before I started primary school, I knew I wanted to be a writer. Even before I could read or write, I made tiny, painstakingly made books. I stapled bunches of white copy paper together, drew colourful paintings of tiny people on them and told my mum or dad what text to write underneath each picture.

I also wrote my first short story before I started school. As a child I had a huge interest in learning the magic art of reading and writing. So I carefully watched my elder brother while he (painfully) did his homework, until one day, I just sat down and wrote a story about a rabbit that escaped from its cage. Since I hadn’t really understood when to use capital letters and when to use full stops, I started every line with a capital letter and ended each line with a full stop.

Needless to say I loved writing stories at school and I loved every kind of homework or test that required some kind of writing and creativity of me. (I also loved drawing and music.) If we had to write literary compositions, I would hand in entire note books.

As a teenager I read every book I got my hands upon and I spent hundreds of hours writing short books. The ones that I completed I mostly (and proudly) printed, neatly sorted into chapters, with (charmingly?) drawn title pages and even with mysterious summaries and fake ISBN-numbers on the backs.

I wrote three more books during my twenties that I fruitlessly tried to get published. After three failed novels in three different genres, stories that I had believed in enough to put hundreds if not thousands of hours into writing them, I was confronted with the question: Is this REALLY what I want to do? Should I quit or should I learn from the defeats and keep writing?

Every day I choose to keep writing.

To me writing is more than just something I want to do. It’s something I have to do. It’s an urge coming from deep within. I believe that your task in life will always be something that matches what you loved doing as a child. Why I still choose to work towards my goal of becoming a published writer? I didn’t get a sudden calling, I listned to what had been in my heart all along, and I finally gathered enough courage to go for my dream and try to make a career out of doing what I love the most.

So I will keep following my dream until it comes through, step by step. My first big goal is to finish my fourth book, which will be the beginning of a new series, and publish the series myself as e-books.

I’m throwing myself out there in the hope that all dreams come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

This is also my urge to everyone who reads this:

Find your dream, find the courage, and then go for it!




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