About my books

My stories are like my babies. I love each and every one of them. It doesn’t really matter that one of them was really difficult to me and that another one was really easy going and mild tempered. I love all of them. And I love all of my characters. Even the villains.

The hardest birth was probably “A Heart of Fire”. I’ve been writing on that one since I was seventeen. Now I’m thirty and can happily sing that the first book of the series is DONE! Hurray!!! I’ve been working a lot with A Heart of Fire trying and trying to change the story – make it better, more readable – more like other people would probably want it to be. But it’s not possible – I cannot change my baby to suit someone else. She has to have the temper she has – and in the end, I have accepted her for who she is and returned to one of my original versions. Sigh! A good thing that “The Northern Way” and “Selma” came easily!

Is it okay to hope for “The Hidden People” to be something in the middle? I hope for it to challenge me – and still for it to spill itself out rather quickly –  in exactly the way it wants to be written.

I’m currently editing / translating to English / preparing to publish:

A Heart of Fire

A Heart of Fire v3

Do you love reading and writing, too?

Please leave a comment about what you’re writing on – I would love to know!

Perhaps you would also like to share what your favourite book is?

I think mine are currently the series A song of ice and fire by George R. R. Martin.

Have a fantastic day,

best Agnete


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