Why would a Norwegian write in English? Here are 3 reasons…

I’m in a Facebook group for Norwegian writers, and today a person posted a memo on how awful it is when Norwegians write their stories in English instead of in Norwegian.

Most comments even implied being Norwegian and writing in English to be morally wrong. It devalues the Norwegian language, and it is a betrayal to the own language and even heritage.

A few comments said that Norwegians writing in English simply have a very poor Norwegian vocabulary, or else they wouldn’t feel like writing in English. Another wrote that Norwegians writing in English would end up writing cliché after cliché, as if this is not possible in Norwegian.

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Siblinghood of the World Blogger Award


I was nominated for the Siblinghood of the World Blogger Award by one of my favourite writers, Beverley Lee. 😉 Thank you for nominating me!

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Answering 20 Questions – Aura Eadon’s Challenge

confessionsajlundetrae3I was recently challenged by the mesmerizing Aura Eadon to participate in the challenge Confessions of a Writer Tag. Thank you, Aura, for challenging me! The challenge was given to me, and will be given on, through being tagged on Twitter by another writer. The challenge requires everyone who is tagged to answer the following twenty questions. For more information see A little bookish, a little writerly, the blog in which Nicolette Elzie created the challenge. Here they are… My 20 confessions…

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The 7/7/7 Challenge. 7 sentences from A Heart of Fire

Thank you, Lucy Flint, for nominating me! With a happy smile I’m accepting the challenge of sharing a mini piece of my work in progess A Heart of Fire.

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