A Heart of Fire

A Heart of Fire v3

Like a child who is loved, this book has so many names!

Ane Guinevere, Annerledes, Begynnelsen, Ildhjertet, The Heart of Fire, A Drop of Air…

This is the book I started when I was seventeen.

It is also my first series, and I’m considering translating it into English. I have already written the first book, 90 000 words give or take, and I have enough material for at least five more.

There are so many versions of the first novel in the series, that I hope no one ever counts them.

Mini excerpt

This is a fantasy series for youth. It is a “coming of age” novel – with a female heroine called Ane. Ane grows from feeling insecure into trusting herself, from a teenager exploiting her new found magical powers to becoming a heroine discovering her true worth who ends up fighting for what is good.

The magical place

I originally let this story take place in a parallel universe very similar to ours, except for the magical powers, in the state of Ken’ichi and the city of Berezi. It turns out, the publishers want fantasy stories happening in our own world or in worlds completely different from our own, instead of the in-between-world that I created. Still, I loved my universe. And I ripped it down all the same.

The story now takes place in Norway. It starts out in Oslo, but mainly takes place in Kristiansand, one of my home towns. Once I got used to the story happening in my own home town, I found it somehow even more intriguing. I love the idea that magical things can happen anywhere, anytime… We just have to look for it.

The female heroine: Ane Jørgensen

My female heroine in this story, Ane, is a badass. She is a little bit selfish, but with a huge heart. She is excellent in what she does – if she chooses to be so. She is passionate and strong. She takes matters in her own hands. She can be really rude, and very mean to mean people, sometimes a little bit stupid, but mostly really brave and funny. What her magical power is? Isn’t it obvious? It’s playing with fire…

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