10 Ways to Shape Your Creative Mindset

New Mindset for New Results on Chalkboard.

New Mindset for New Results

What is a creative mindset?

Your mindset is the set of assumptions and methods that (also unconsciously) guide you through your weeks, influence your choices and your motivation, ultimately even if you reach your dreams or not. Your mindset is, so to speak, the ideas and attitudes with which you approach your life, your work, your dreams and your goals.

A creative mindset is a positive mindset, influencing not just our thoughts, but also our feelings and how we live life, that allows growth and creativity, joy, freedom, purpose and authenticity. To form a creative mindset means to understand that talents and abilities can be developed when we work at it and keep learning. Shaping your creative mindset means that you steer your thoughts – and even your unconsciounsness – into believing in your dreams and working towards achieving them.

Shaping your creative mindset is absolutely essential for setting yourself up for success!

“Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right!” – Henry Ford

Shaping your creative mindset towards reaching your goals and dreams  demands endurance of you – but it is really rather easy to start shaping your mindset!

Let’s shape those mindsets into thinking that WE CAN!


New Mindset for New Results

Here are 10 easy steps you can take to start creating your own creative mindset

  • for success
  • for believing in yourself
  • for finishing that creative project you started
  • for living the life you know you want…

10 Ways to Shape Your Creative Mindset

1. Believe in Your Creativity!

Shape your thinking around your own creativity. Make notes, put them where you can see them, cultivate believing in your own creativity: Know that creativity is important to who you are, it only has meaning when expressed, and it needs to be expressed to honor who you really are.

Using your creativity is beautiful, fun – and, yes, important to your well-being!

Your place in this life is being YOU – and this also means expressing who you are – in creative ways!

Being creative is your birthright. Don’t ever believe less.

2. Find and Show Your True Passion!

Allow yourself to be who you really are.

Being authentic is one of the keys to finding happiness. When you accept yourself as you are, you are free to find out what your talents are – in their many varieties – and what you love to do. Your true strenghts are not found when hiding, they are found when allowing yourself to have talents, to search for them, to appreciate them, whatever they are, to pursue getting better at them.

An affirmation I love to tell myself in order to remember not to hide, but to shine is:

“Everything is gonna be okay and I’m gonna be the most true version of myself. I accept the unknown and let it excite me.”

Young woman muse with creative body art and hairdo

New Mindset for New Results

3. Embrace Your Curiosity!

The next time you feel that playful spark of curiosity, like you just want to know or find out something, with no reason except being curious – react on it!

Any kind of knowledge you accquire is not just fun to learn about – it may be useful later in astonishing, unforeseen ways. The more you know – the more ideas can flourish in your mind, the more “dots” your mind may connect to each other, the more you learn.

Start asking “why” questions to people you meet, try to understand new topics – and persons in situations different from your own.

A curious mind sparkles with ideas – about everything!

4. Treat Yourself More Kindly – Cultivate Positive Self-Talk!

The people who really matter, accept you for who you are. And so should you – with every flaw and every talent, every weirdness and every normalness!

You are the only one thinking in your mind. You can rehearse thinking more and more positively about yourself!

Start noticing how you talk to yourself. Are there any negative patterns that you keep repeating? What optimistic, focused, accepting, loving thoughts could you think instead?

Cultivating positive self-talk is a huge step towards shaping a creative mindset! Confront your present reality step by step – and start exchange those negative patterns one by one with solution-focused, positive ones. Every single positive thought matters! Every positive thought leads you in the right direction.

5. Form Deeper, More Connected Relationships!

It is not just time to learn who you truly are – it is also time to show people who you truly are.

You may become astonished, as I were, at the positive response and support people may give you when starting to show them more and more of who you truly are!

These deeper relationships, to perhaps family, friends, partners, will be a boost for your mindset, towards a life of authenticity, expressing your creativity and who you really are.


6. Feed Your Imagination – Be Spontaneous!

Cultivate, grow and expand your imagination every single day!

To successfully overcome challenges and obstacles, creative persons need to be able to think in unique ways.

Feeding your imagination can mean everything from painting, drawing, writing, to cooking something new, go to a new art gallery, visit a part of your city you’ve never been to before, read poems, read something new, look at photographs, listening to music, figuring out the stories in the songs, knit something, play with children, go to the theater.

It can also mean to just look out the window at the clouds –  what shapes are they? What story are the clouds telling?

It can even mean to brain-storm and keep a journal. Or sit at a bench in a park, looking at people, trying to imagine their stories. Or daydream every day wildly for five minutes or more!

Through these exercises you will literally learn to think new and outside of the box.

PS! Aren’t these lovely stock photos a great food for the imagination?

Young woman muse with creative body art and hairdo

New Mindset for New Results

7. Set Clear Goals and Objectives for Yourself!

What does your life vision look like? If anything was possible, what is the most awesome things you would like to happen?

Write down the most awesome dreams, as crazy as possible. And then break it down into actual steps that need to happen to get there. Then break it down into baby-steps for your everyday life. What do you need to do right now to achieve that desired outcome somewhen in the future?

Write down your visions, and remind yourself of them often.

When starting each day with focus, you will better be able to direct your mind and efforts on what will help you attain your objectives.

Remember – a creative mindset is curious, positive and believes in possibilities. Those baby steps ARE POSSIBLE, realistic even. Don’t forget your dreams and goals. With small steps, anything is possible.

8. Rehearse the Art of Just Creating – (With a Silent Inner Critic)!

Critic and editing is for later – it is so important for a creative process to be able to just create, freely, with joy, just letting it happen.

It is okay for the creative project to go through editing later – just not too soon! The inner judge can really kill great ideas in an early stage.

When you get new ideas, write all of them down, to remember them for later – no matter how they may seem at first. There will be enough time for criticism later. The stages without criticism, in which creativity flows freely, are necessay!

Rehearse the art of just creating – and enjoying it. Any outcome is okay!

9. Do Something You’re (a little) Scared of!

A creative life is a life outside the comfort zone. Rehearse living there!

Don’t let fears hold you back. Being your true self is a corageous thing – be proud of yourself for doing so!

How can we beat our fears? In addition to acknowledging them, learning to relax and imagining desirable outcomes, I believe the main way to truly overcome fears is to feel the fear and then to do it anyway.

It is such a relief to stop doing something just to please other people – and do what is the most important to ourselves instead.

Doing something you’re scared of, no matter how little, no matter how small the baby steps are, means to grow as a person. A creative mindset embraces growth. Start embracing your fears, one at a time, and you may experience wonderful growth!

10. Know that Problems lead to Solutions, and Failure leads to Learning how to Succeed

Rehearse seeing the good in the bad!

Problems are not necessarily bad, as they often permit solutions, leading to improvements that were not possible, or would’ve only happened very slowly, without the problems.

There are no problems without solutions. Become a solution seeker!

Problems often give us insights into what we need to learn to be able to move on. They may seem like failures, but really, they are just one stepping stone further on the road to success.

Make a habit out of searching for solutions and learning from failure, and failure – and criticism! – won’t be so scary anymore. They’ll be important step stones for your growth. They will, in the end, make you better – and able to succeed.

Problems can be blessings. If you make them into ones.


New Mindset for New Results

What methods do you use to shape a creative mindset? I would love to hear from you in the comments!

Do you know anyone else who could profit from reading this post? I would love it if you would share it!

Have a great week,

A.J. Lundetræ


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